Friday, June 12, 2009

Journal Entry #1 Your Google Guide

Doug Johnson describes how it is often the case that students and teachers use Google to perform searches, and yet they often are not aware of the more effective search techniques available that can increase their success and productivity searching on the Web.

In my own case, I would have to be included among those who Google, but not being fully aware of the most effective tools for doing so. Although I was already aware of entering multiple search terms, I was not familiar with the full significance of using "operators". I had no idea, for instance, that adding a minus sign (-) in the search field is an effective way of paring down a large content area.

It seems that it would be very worth while for schools to allocate time in there curriculum to address this specific need. Assuming that a school already has Internet capable computers available to students, there should not be additional cost to have the school librarian or technology person walk students through the various search tools available to them.

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  1. You raised a few good points. Did you forget to ask two questions based on the article? See the assignment description at our class WebCT.